Two years ago, a group of Minnesota clinician educators have met and for the first time. It was an impromptu gathering of enthusiastic people, organized around the passion for education, the recognition of how fast paradigms are changing, and the desire to shape the future of health professions education (HPE). We got our inspiration from social connectivism and learning networks.

Our goal is to describe the changing landscape of health professions education models and how these changes are affecting teaching and learning. We plan to create a new framework for the future of HPE and discuss the challenges associated with change. We plan to discuss how to create a new system and share these proceedings with our extended networks and communities.

We recognize that input and feedback from all stakeholders is crucial for the development of effective HPE models, so before we embark on an extraordinary journey, we need to figure out exactly where we are going. This years meeting will be different from the previous version.

We are organizing the MinnesotaFutura 2019. The idea is to convene a group of people that will lead the heath professions educational models of the future. Wise change agents and innovative catalysts. Teachers and learners. Flexnerians and Knowmads. The core idea is to think together. We want to organize the health professions education equivalent to the Solvay Conference.